Call for Research Tracks at ESWC 2019

As Research Track Chairs of ESWC 2019, we are trying to set up a new format this year and we want the Semantic Web Community to be part on the research tracks selection, definition, and organisation for the conference.

Research tracks should comprise subfields of Semantic Web that are of interest to the community, and that can attract significant works. This may include well established subfields as well as novel research subfields that have have been underrepresented so far. Based on previous years submissions, this year we are setting up five research tracks that reflect some of the main research areas of the Semantic Web and its intersection with other scientific disciplines: (see call for papers for more details)

  • Ontologies and Reasoning
  • Linked Data
  • Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and  Information Retrieval
  • Semantic Data Management and Data Infraestructures
  • Social and Human Aspects of the Semantic Web

If you want to propose a new track for ESWC 2019 and lead it as track chairs, please prepare a 2 page submission indicating:

  1. A name and description of the research track you want to establish/lead
  2. A justification of why you think the track is of relevance to ESWC and the SW community
  3. The 2 person team (names & affiliations) that will become track chairs/ senior PC members
  4. The fit of the team for the track (experience in the topic, previous experience as PC/ SPC)
  5. Expected number of submissions for the track
  6. Tentative team of PC members you will like to select as reviewers for the track

Deadline for submissions is 28st of September.

Notifications will the sent on the 5th of October.

The 2-page proposals should be sent via easychair to via the ESWC2019-ResearchTracks track.  

Track Chairs aka Senior Program Committee members play an essential role in maintaining the overall quality of the technical program, by direct involvement in the review process and making recommendations regarding paper decisions. SPC members will work closely with the Research Track Chairs to compile a strong technical program for ESWC 2019. As an SPC member, you will be responsible for providing oversight for the reviews of the papers submitted to your track. Please note that your meta-reviews will be open (i.e., they will be made publicly available) and transparent (your name will be associated to the meta-reviews). PC member reviews will also be made publicly available but they could opt for maintaining their anonymity.


Please look at the schedule below and make sure that you can make time for this important work:

Dec 10th – Jan 13th: Oversee the reviewing process for your papers. Read the reviews to ensure that they are constructive and give adequate justification for recommendations and claims, and when necessary ask the reviewers to refine their review. If there is a clear difference of opinion, initiate a discussion of the paper, and read the paper yourself if you suspect the reviews not to be correct.

Jan 14th – Jan 20th: Help us to identify possible emergency reviewers for papers that have fewer than three complete reviews

Jan 21st – 25th: Rebuttal period. Read the authors’ rebuttals and encourage the reviewers to discuss specific points. Ensure that the rebuttal is addressed in the reviews.

February 6th: meta-reviews in.

February 11th-12th: SPC telecon. In order to maximize the possibility of everyone from the international SPC participating, this telecon will be held throughout the two days.

Program Chairs

Miriam Fernandez, Knowledge Media Institute, UK <>

Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA <>

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