Call for Papers ESWC 2019 Velocity on the Web Track: On semantics of/in/for IoT and Social streams/events on the Web


The Velocity on the Web (VoW) research track is looking for impactful research contributions addressing theoretical, analytical and empirical aspects of the rapidly evolving information flows on the web.

We encourage contributions to research at the intersection of Semantic Web and Stream Processing, Internet of Things and Data Integration, as well as, other scientific areas that would benefit from data sharing in a vast, unbounded, and noisy web environment.

Submissions to the VoW research track should describe original work. For those contributions based on implemented systems, we encourage principled means of repeatable evaluation.


Currently, we produce information faster than how much we can consume. While Social Media and News Streams flood the web with highly informative contents, users struggle in the attempt of satisfying their information needs. Knowledge Graphs are valuable sources to navigate the web space. However, they also require to manage frequent changes and highly dynamic data.

In this scenario, there is a clear need of new theoretical, analytical and empirical Semantic Web solutions for taming variety and velocity simultaneously in a fast evolving and heterogeneous web environment.

Topics of Interest

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Stream description
  • Stream composition
  • Stream provenance
  • Semantics of Data streams
  • Semantics of events
  • Operational Semantics of stream processors and Complex Event processors
  • Integration of Stream processors and Complex Event Integration of Stream processors and Complex Event Processors
  • Stream processing at the edge
  • Fog Stream Processing
  • Stream Processing Web Agenets
  • Federations of Stream processors and Complex Event Processors
  • Design/Developing/testing of data stream and event centric application on the Web
  • Experiences in IoT, Social Media, Data Center Monitoring, etc
  • Benchmarks and replication studies for Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing on the web
  • Data compression algorithms for data stream exchange over the Web
  • Continuous query answering over data streams in the Web
  • Complex Event Processing for Web data streams
  • Ontological query answering over data streams in the Web
  • Role of parallelization and distribution in Web stream processing
  • Topologies for distributed processing of Web data streams
  • Approximation approaches to processing Web Data streams
  • Handling incomplete and noisy Web data streams
  • Linked Data Dynamics
  • Linked Data Versioning
  • Incremental maintenance of materialization of data streams
  • Web APIs for data streams and events exchange
  • Temporal Data Management
  • Time Ontology-Based Data Access
  • Ontology-Based Streaming Data Access

Track Chairs

Emanuele Della Valle, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Stefan Schlobach, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

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