• Best poster award: Agneta Ghose, Katja Hose, Matteo Lissandrini and Bo Pedersen Weidema. An Open Source Dataset and Ontology for Product Footprinting
  • Best demo award: Marco Cremaschi, Anisa Rula, Alessandra Siano and Flavio De Paoli. MantisTable: a Tool for Creating Semantic Annotations on Tabular Data
  • Best student paper award: Matthäus Zloch, Maribel Acosta, Daniel Hienert, Stefan Dietze and Stefan Conrad. A Software Framework and Datasets for the Analysis of Graph Measures on RDF Graphs
  • Best resource paper award: Daniel Ayala, Agustin Borrego, Inma Hernandez, Carlos R. Rivero and David Ruiz. AYNEC: All You Need for Evaluating Completion Techniques in Knowledge Graphs
  • Best in-use paper award: Katherine Thornton, Harold Solbrig, Gregory Stupp, Jose Emilio Labra Gayo, Daniel Mietchen, Eric Prud’Hommeaux and Andra Waagmeester. Using Shape Expressions (ShEx) to Share RDF Data Models and to Guide Curation with Rigorous Validation
  • Best research paper award: Hai Huang and Fabien Gandon Learning URI Selection Criteria to Improve the Crawling of Linked Open Data.
  • Best reviewer award: Antoine Zimmermann

Congratulations to all the winners!